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blood in my eye? :s?

ok so i just took a nap[15-20 min] with my contacts on, i decided to take them off & when i was taking off the left contact i notice i have "blood" in my eye! i dont have any pain or any other symptoms, so why is that? is it dangerous?

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    okay in the absence of pain or blurry vision there are 2 possibilities:

    1) you have an inflammatory event which has made your eye(s) RED, but there is no actual blood...it just looks like blood b/c its red. if thats the case, remove the contacts and see what happens. if in 1-2 days all is normal, then your eye needed a break. if its painful or you have vision loss or blurry vision, or if anything weird happens go to the optometrist

    2) you have an actual subconjunctival hemorrhage, and have broken a blood vessel on the surface of your eye. this looks terrible:



    ...but is NO BIG DEAL. if this is even remotely what it looks like, then there is no treatment. it freaks people out but it is certainly no cause for alarm. an E.R. visit is a total waste of time in this case (as it is with 99% of red eyes or eye problems) . probably need an eye exam, but this is not emergent.

    if you look anything like either of those pics...even if it looks absolutely terrible its no big deal. go to the optometrist just to have them confrim the diagnosis. but no real hurry...

    if it is #2 and is a hemorrhage, it likely wont look normal again for like 4-6 weeks. takes a long time to go away.

    this is my opinion...but as an aside: the E.R is a terrible place to go for eye care. 99% of eye problems not involving trauma with sharp objects or penetrating injury dont need to go to the E.R. they need to go to an actual eye doctor in his/her office. pretty much the only time to go to the E.R. for an eye problem is if you have a penetrating injury to the eye/globe (stabbed in the eye, pen in the eye, nail in the eye, etc etc)

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    If its a red splotch in your eye, you've rubbed it or something to hard. it will go away after a while.(days) if it starts to hurt or doesn't go away, go to an eye doctor, it could be infected.

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    Pls. see an opthalmalagist (unsure of spelling)--this week, tomorrow if possible. It's not normal.

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