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A perfect picture?

Where can I find a program to make a perfect picute. LIke when your acnee lookes bad on the picture. I saw some people use the programs, but I never asked them i dont knwo why. Anywyas do you knowanything that might work?



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    they can get pricey but you need to get a photo shop program from a circut city or bst buy or something but some can cose up to 300+ dollars but go take a look andask someone working to help u find the rite one

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    I'm sorry but photoshop is the only thing I know of which can easily do that kind of thing but the lowest quality versions are around £100. If you have a good eye for things like that then I suppose you could painstakingly retouch a photo on a regular editing program (the sort that is pre-installed on your computer) however that would take ages and most likely look unrealistic. Have you got any friends who have photoshop? Maybe they could help you out? If you are still stuck and the photos are just a one off for something special, email me a couple and I'll edit them for you.

    Good luck!

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    I have a Mac, so I use iPhoto.

    In iPhoto, to take away acne, open up the picture, click "retouch" and pretty much draw on the areas- don't get too close to other areas though, otherwise, your face might look dark; or whomever you are retouching.


    Source(s): Myself :)
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    photoshop is what most people use

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