can anyone list most of the anime shows that contain giant robots with people inside or a race with airships?

anything would help. i would like to know anime shows with giant robots or with a competition/ race with airships or something when they fight eachother with robots. i forgot the name of one show so if u tell me alot i could remember.

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    only ones I know could be outlaw star or gundam

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    That would be Macross, Gundam, and PatLabor (The 3 I've known. Pretty sure there are much more). All of them consist of multiple sagas. They both are series featuring giant robots or mecha with a person on the inside controlling them. Then there are Neon Genesis Evangelion and Magic Knight Rayearth where the robots are somewhat created from a bio-technology. Hope this helps! ^_^

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    Full Metal Panic!

    Releases: TV - 24 episodes

    Gonzo does it again with this action-packed mecha comedy. She's an ordinary high school girl. He's a counterterror agent assigned to protect her from those who would steal the information locked in her mind. OK, so she's not so normal after all. Armored Slave battles and lovers' spats abound as Sousuke and his comrades try to track down the mysterious Gauln before it's too late.


    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

    [aka Gundam SEED]

    Releases: TV - 50 episodes

    The universe of the future is divided between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT. After a year of war, ZAFT attacks the neutral colony Heliopolis to steal five prototype mobile suits. The mission is a success, but a young man named Kira stumbles upon the fifth Gundam, and he may be the Alliance's only hope...


    Gundam Wing

    [aka Mobile Suit Gundam Wing]

    Releases: TV - 49 episodes

    The year is After Colony 195, and mankind is in the midst of a seemingly endless ongoing war between the Space Colonies and the ones who created them: the people of Earth. To give the Colonies the advantage, five mobile suits called Gundams were created. Equipped with enhanced technology and extremely talented young pilots, these are the ultimate machines of war. While Relena Peacecraft pleads for peace, Heero Yui leads the Gundams into the battle with Earth to attain it. As their personalities and visions clash, their goal is the same: freedom for all and peace at last.


    Patlabor: The Mobile Police

    [aka Mobile Police Patlabor]

    Releases: TV - 47 episodes

    "Labors" are large construction robots that are now being used to commit crimes. To meet the challenge, Special Vehicle (SV) units are established by the Tokyo PD. However, the Second SV unit is a total joke. Determined to change this, Izumi and Shinohara become pilots of the new Ingram 98 police labors, and are determined to change that reputation, with the help of the SV-2 gang of misfits.


    Voices of a Distant Star

    [aka Hoshi no Koe]

    Releases: OVA - 1 episodes

    Nagamine is a young high school student who lives a fairly typical teenage life: hanging out with friends, attending class, and falling in love with a wonderful boy. But when she enlists in the galactic army, who is desperate for candidates to fight an alien war, she finds herself drifting farther away from her first love, Noboru. In the depths of space, where a simple email takes eight years to be delivered, will their love truly flourish, or simply fade away?


    This is reallllllll good!!::

    Eureka Seven

    [aka Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven]

    Releases: TV - 50 episodes

    Like most boys his age, the young Renton thinks of nothing but reffing – riding trapar waves on a board – and idolizes Holland, the leader of the renegade group of reffers named Gekko State. As an orphan of a famous hero, he lives a boring life with his grandfather until the beautiful Eureka crashes, literally, into his life. Now, with the help of his newfound friend and crush, Renton finds himself living amongst the crew of Gekko State. The errands are hard and the bullying is fierce, but with Eureka by his side, Renton just might find the courage to tough it out and even save the world!


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    Uhh... i think its gundam, zoids and oban star racers

    Source(s): i really dont know its just a guess
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    (just kidding, it sucks. barely any plot, mostly CGI)

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