command and conquer?

I am a mother of a 16 year old boy that has been troublesum to say the least. Last night he was playing command and conquer online game. when he went to bed he demaned my hubby to leave that running in the background (all night)

could you please tell me of reason or possible reasons why he would need to leave it running if he is not on the computer to play the game.

Need more information please just ask. Thank you in advance

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have yet to play C&C 3, but i have played all of the others and there is no reason for him to want to leave the game running; no reason that would pertain to the actual game that is. I strongly suggest you have him shut off the game when he's done, as the older C&C games do not have much security in the lobbies, and if he is sitting in there unattended then someone may even be able to tamper with your PC. Again, i recommend he shut the game off unless he is playing.

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