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Growing tomatoe plant in Pot, and grows fruit but seems to rot while green. what to do?

1 plant in a large pot. Grew very big. Grows green tomatoes, but they never turn red and start to rot from the bottom up. latley they are acting like they are a little wilty. But then the next day will fine. Someone said they need calcium. I cruched a calcium tablet that i had in water and gave to plant. I water them well and also give them miracle grow once a week. just a little. My cucumbers are great. but i judt don;t know what to do about the tomatoes

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    You have blossom end rot (BER). Quit using Miracle gro as it is not a good plant food for tomatoes which need more potassium than nitrogen.

    Dissolve a tablespoon of Epsom salts in a quart of water and water the plant with that every 10 days or so until the BER subsides in a couple of weeks.

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    tomatoes don't do that great in pots. The problem you're experiencing is called "bottom end rot"

    I grow some in large container (30 gal). I've even grown some in 5 gal buckets but that's really pushing it.

    #1 yes the problem is caused by lack of calcium intake. But adding calcium to the soil doesn't necessarily fix the problem, because it has to do with the plant's ability to use the calcium. If the soil is too dry or too wet or it varies too much, that plant is stressed and it won't be able to take up the calcium it needs.

    #2 SCREW MIRACLE GROW. that stuff is crap.

    Giving your tomatoes too much nitrogen actually causes it to have difficulty absorbing calcium. Remember this: calcium and nitrogen don't get along. You have too much of one and it impacts the plant's ability to uptake the other one

    #3 You said the plant grows very big... that's an indication of too much nitrogen right there.

    cucumbers can tolerate a lot more nitrogen, but not tomatoes.

    I don't know where you are whether you have hot weather or cold, but you do not need to water tomato plants every day if the soil is still moist. It sounds like your plant is stressed though... If it gets over 80 degrees then that soil in the pot can get really warm and dries out fast. Good luck but don't try so hard to babysit that plant to death... give it a break.

    Oh, by the way, bottom end rot can happen from too cool temperatures too, but it doesn't sound like that's the problem in your case.

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    Tomatoes in pots need plenty of water and full sun. We have grown tomaties in pots for 10 + years with success. We gave them Miracle grow about once a week at the strength it's instructions recommend. We used long "patio" box pots and put 3 plants in each one. We used at least 1/2 gallon of water a day in each pot. Make sure your pot has drainage. Are you using soil or peat? We used potting soil. Hope this is helpful. (we live in northern INdiana.)

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    they could have a fungus rot you may want to throw it out if they don't come back or if they keep doing that and you might wanna try Miracle Grow makes a special blend just for tomatoes i use it on the ones we have in pots and there huge and got twice as many on each plant just follow the directions and you should be fine

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    Pick them went there still green and put them in the window to get red.

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    being is how we know not where u live, i would suggest u call ur local county agricultualist and get some info from them for the area where u live.

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