Life in United Arab Emirates?

What is life like in UAE? I want to immigrate to UAE from USA. They pay high salaries there for Aircraft repair. Are cars expensive over there? Do they sell the Ford Ka and the Lotus Elise? What is the quality of life like? Also what is the religious tolerance like?

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    my dear aviation technical guy..............emirates = 7 states, each state with it's own characteristics. now u being into aviation, u might b placed in 3 places which are major and main from emirates point of view. so u'll b either placed in Abu-Dhabi, Dubai or Al-Ain. Abu-Dhabi and Dubai are states of UAE whereas Al-Ain is a city of Abu-Dhabi.

    Dubai is the most modren city where u'll find the people from diff. nationalities, open minded, bold and so on........but with alot of traffic and quite humid!!!

    Abu-Dhabi is the capital of UAE, again with diff. nationalities, i'll not call it a conservative state,but a bit reserve and wht i've concluded so far it's just of securtiy reasons else no problem. a bit lesser traffic jams and bit less humid than Dubai.

    Al-Ain, the city of flowers, less populated, there r people 4rm diff. nationalites. dry climate and very few traffic. it's not tht much advance, i'll say it started now to b modern, so u can understand!!

    cars ................ don't worry 4 cars. i've seen any1 can get any car on easy installments depending on ur visa status and ur salary. here u can get used cars as well with resonable prices. here Ford is available, but i'm not ur sure bout ur mentioned model.

    Religion point of view, UAE is a Muslim country, and as other religions should b treated in a Muslim country as per the instructions of Islam...........the same u'll find here. All religions have got equal freedom, many have got their own worship places. u r free to do nething as far as it doesn't concides with Islam. Only restrction u'll get here is not to eat/drink in open during Holy Ramadan as Muslims fast in the Holy month of Ramadan.

    Yes u'll b paid a good salary being an aircraft technician/engineer but........................ur salary will depend on ur nationality.

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    Your quality of life will be just great as soon as you will adjust to the heat, heavy traffic and the way people are driving here.

    Working as an Aircraft Repair I assume you will work for the army and be considered a goverment employee with all benefits. Your pay might start at arount Dhs 18 K - 20 K, housing and transportation provided, so no worry about buying a car. The cars here have european specs and you can't take it back home.

    You won't miss anything because you can buy all kind of american brands and products over here. The USD/DHS rate is fixed, so you won't loose any money by changing. Also one flight home per year will be included in your salary package and medical care is free, too.

    The UAE are very open and tolerant when it comes up to accept and respect other Religions. You can feel free to worship your own Religion but never try to convince someone of another Religion.

    Come here, have great working hours with a great taxfree pay and enjoy life. For more information feel free to email me.

    Take care

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    UAE is composed of 8 emirates .. each one has it is own style .. and taste .. most of the expatriates lives in Dubai ..

    So we will talk here about Dubai ..

    It is an amazing city .. you can watch a miracle there ..

    man-made miracle..

    It is multicultural community .. people in Dubai are from everywhere in the planet .. east and west ..

    All religions are there .. everybody accept the others .. no one cares about your religion .. as long as you respect the others.

    All cars are available there .. I don't know about ka particularly .. but it would be around 15,000 $ maximum .. I'm not sure .. anyway .. there is no tax there .. 0% .. so cars are not expensive..

    I have to tell you that housing is the main problem in Dubai .. properties are really over priced ..

    Good luck for you .. If u need any help .. email me

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    Fool Proof its 7 Emirates not 8. Al Ain is a city.

    look Abu Dhabi is the official capital and Dubai is the economical Capital.

    we'll talk about the cities that have airport. Dubai is the most luxurious city so everything is expensive.

    AD is the perfect place to come and live their if its your first time in UAE. you can find all kinds of cars you want either you wanted them from their official factory or from a car shop.

    There's Churches here Orthodox & catholake. I don't know about Jewish.

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