Explain how drug cases are initiated, developed?

stratergies are effective in addressing the drug problem

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    Usually they start with a citizen complaint, ie. someone selling on the corner, a suspected meth lab, etc.

    Patrol will check out the initial complaint, and then any reports, field interviews, etc, get forwarded to the divisional or bureau drug task force. If it is something major, a warrant is usually obtained, and there is a search for evidence.

    If it is just people selling in an area, undercover narco officers will buy from the suspected sellers (more than once) and build up a case against them. The ultimate goal is not the street seller, but their supplier and people on up the chain of supply.

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    I'm not sure how you mean that? Could you explain a little more?

    Form what I think you're saying; most drug cases / charges are brought against someone when drugs are found on them, they are witnessed allegedly selling or making drugs, or occasionally tips from friends and upset "customers" if the person is dealing.

    Is that the kind of thing you're looking for?

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