Is there a Dr that does the lapband on 16 year olds?

16 and 250. Tried everything else. So, no "diet and exercise" comments, please. If you know of a Dr or medical establishment that performs the lapband on 16 year olds, please tell me. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if you find one who will do it, run.

    Do you think this surgery is 'just a little' surgery, no consiquences, your life will be 'all better' after you have it?

    A lady here in Boise, a NURSE, just died after this surgery, she didn't even get out of the hospital!

    Eat less, exercise, see an endochrinologist and see if something isn't wrong first.

    If you think being thin, and in is the answer to everything in your life, you are wrong.

    Breathing,and being alive is really, REALLY nice.

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