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If there is a 30 mph headwind and you are traveling at the same speed into it. Would there be any wind?

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    The apparent wind speed would be 60 mph because you would be travelling at 30mph in one direction and the wind would be blowing at 30mph in the opposite direction. The actual wind speed would of course remain at 30mph.

    For there to be an apparent wind speed of zero you would have to be travelling in the same direction as the wind and at the same speed

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    Wind speed is 30 mph

    And you read 30 mph on your speed gauge.

    gauge speed = wind speed + actual speed

    30 = - 30 + actual speed

    actual speed = 30+30 = 60

    (-30 since the wind is in the opposite direction)

    if it was tail wind then it would be +30)

    If you just turn around 180 degrees (tail wind), and have a look at your speed gauge.

    gauge speed = wind speed + actual speed = 30 + 60 = 90

    so now you are moving at 90 mph since the wind is assisting you...so there is wind.

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    30 mph. The fact that you are running doesn't stop the wind from blowing. Is this a riddle?

    The relative wind speed to the runner is the addition of the speed of the runner and the wind speed.

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    If it is a head wind and you are traveling into it you add your speed to the wind speed.

    60 mph.

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    now if it was a 30mph TAILWIND, you wouldn't feel it at all; but it would still be there, you are travelling in the same direction at the same speed.

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    Yes, it will be a 60mph wind.

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