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How do you kiss with braces??

and do you breath when you kiss or hold your breath? how do you now cut yourself. actually how do you kiss at all?

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    Well, kissing with braces is actually not that different from kissing without braces. I used to have braces and that hasn't been a problem for me. Naturally, when you kiss, you can't breathe. It's the same thing when you eat or drink, you just have to hold your breath. I also wondered the same thing you did, so I did a little experiment myself and found that I can't breath and kiss at the same time... lol... so in order not to pass out from lack of oxygen, you need to have little pauses in between the kisses and breathe through your nose...

    Don't worry about the braces cutting yourself unless you've just very recently got your braces put in. The first time you put the braces in, the metal edges are still sharp so they'll cut your mouth initially but over time, that is not a problem anymore.

    As for the last question, lol, that's a little tough to answer. Kissing can be described as an art; everyone has his or her own style. "Scientifically" speaking though, kissing is an act when two lips are touching. However, there are many variables associated with this "simple" action, such as how hard you want to press your lips against the other person, or how deep you want the kiss to be, or whether or not you'd want to go French. In other words, you just have to experiment and explore yourself. There is no right or wrong way to kiss. Remember though, it should be enjoyable and don't worry about your braces.. ^^

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    Okay, for one, do not push your teeth out, if the other person has braces, too, then they might link, and you'd have a situation to deal with then. Just lick your lips to moisten them a little, relax and push them out slightly, and touch lips with the other person. I'm pretty sure you won't cut them unless they stick their tongue in your mouth and get it stuck in the braces. It's kind of difficult to explain, it will happen, and then you will know what to do at the right now. It's a pretty easy concept to grasp.

    Edit - For how to breath, bring your lips apart for a split second and take a breath, or if you two are so into it, just breath through your nose. Don't hold your breath, you don't want to pass out. That would be embarrassing.

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    I think you still can, just make sure you don't lock braces. Be careful with the tongues. Yes you breathe... you don't want to die kissing.

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    um you just wait for the right moment when the guy makes a move and he comes close to you stick at you lips and kiss him thats all. watch a movie i bet its in there. well its probably not a good thing to try and kiss another person that has braces they could get locked how would you explain that one to your parents???:/ um that bout it

    breathe threw ur nose

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    Breathe through your nose. Just be careful. But you gotta kiss when you gotta kiss.

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    i have made out when i had my braces and the other person didnt get cut, just dont force urself cuz then ur braces will hit the other person. just take it easy and dont force it.

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    you are actually banned from kissing until you remove your braces

    Source(s): kissing while using braces hurt. by: brace face martin
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    Alot of vaseline. Stick to lip locks don't go for tongue that hurts

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    VERY CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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