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How long is kennel cough contagious?

I am fostering a dog who came down with kennel cough, and now my dog has it as well. They will be finished with the 7 days of antibiodics this Thursday. Will they still be contagious then?

My dog starts his intermediate training class this Thursday, and I don't know if i should bring him or not. He came down with this last Thursday.


Also, does anyone know how long they are contagious before they actually start coughing?

When in the cycle is it most contagious?

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    I wouldn't advise you to take him to class, even with the antibiotics he will still be contagious. Kennel cough has a lot to do with the climate. My part of the world it is usually 2-3 weeks of infection. But best check with your vet.

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    When treatment starts they usually start sounding better pretty quick but the actual sickness lasts about 10 days. I would keep her by herself for at least a couple days.Even if the others have been vaccinated.If you have vaccinated the other dogs it does take 4 days for the vaccine to be fully effective.I really would not be overly concerned you have done the right thing by getting your dog on antibiotics and she will be fine. There is a kennel cough vaccine but like the flu vaccine it treats the most common strain, dogs can still get kennel cough if it is a different stain then the most common. Just keep a eye on the others and they show any sign call the vet. He may be willing to give more meds for the others without seeing them now that you now that you know the signs.

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    Best thing to do is call the training class and ask when they'd be happy to accept the dog back in.

    Mostly dogs aren't contagious once they've stopped coughing (and finished antibiotics), but it takes a week or two to be sure this has completely stopped.


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    Among dogs it is fairly contagious depending on stress level, vaccination status, and exposure to minor viruses.

    The incubation period is 2 -14 days, they usually start to feel better after a week or so.

    Sounds like your dog has had it for about a week? I would say wait at least another week to be safe and look into vaccinating them both sooner after they recover.

    Check with your vet and your trainer to get their opinion. They may have you wait longer or give you the go ahead.

    Source(s): Registered Vet Tech
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    Yes I am afraid they could be - and most dog training would not want you at a class until they have been over it for at least a week

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