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I have a crush on this one guy named Tim and he is 11 and i'm turning 12 how do I get him to like me?

11 year old boy 9 monthes younger than me. Is into sports same with me. Blond hair, freckles same with me. Only he is taller.

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    It's puppy love & you will experience that a lot in your youth until you're much older & know what being in love is all about. You may have a crush on many boys but some won't have a crush on you, but that's life.

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    You shouldn't be dating at 11. Just be good friends with him.

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    At your age you start noticing the opposite sex but just be friends with him for now. Who knows? It may work out for you when you are older but for now just be friends.

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    hes the same looking as you? Thats ur brother hun...

    and you shouldnt date that young!

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