added ram, works faster, but computer doesn't recognize it?

I just bought a new laptop Toshiba Satellite A135-S2356. It came with 512 mb, but I decided to install an additional 1 gb. I know its compatible because I double-checked online before I bought it. It's a Kingston 1gb PC2-4200 533MHz DDR2. The problem is that the computer says I only have 446 mb. Yet, my laptop runs pretty fast though, even with Windows Vista. How do I get my computer properties to show that it has 1.5 gb?

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  • Ted B
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    Update your Bios first to the newest version. Go to the Toshiba website to download the new Bios. Next you may want to switch the 1 GB Ram to the slot closest to the CPU. Check your manual (there's also a manual online on the Toshiba website) to see if if there's any rules about adding RAM to your laptop like both stick has to have the same capacities or so on. Your laptop maximum amount of RAM is 2 GB.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Switch around the RAM chips, the 1Gb should be in Dimm slot A

  • Andy G
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Have you checked to see what the maximum amount of RAM the laptop will recognize? just because its compatible doens't mean it can handle over a certain amount of RAM.

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