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To all you die-hard wrestling fans...?

You do know it's all fake, right?


pantherman321- How can it be a sport if it's fake? All the other sports have real athletes not hyped up on steroids and not "hitting" each other with "metal" chairs.

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    Yeah....so what...it's entertainment.....

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    yeah we all know it. But that television show u are probably sitting there watching right now is also fake, but you watch it anyway dont you? yes! We love wrestling and u r jealous you could never look like they do because your a 50 yr old hairy man with a shriveled up penis who has no entertainment.

  • OMG it's fake!!! thanks for ruining my day, geez.....oh my god you know what i realized, movies are fake!!! Lady, i know it's not real, i haven't been living under a rock okay? I'm not any dumber than you just because i'm a wrestling fan.

    Edit: Other athletes have been caught with steroids in their system dumbass.

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    its not fake. its planned. Fake would mean that its not the wrestlers out there, instead it would be there stunt double. Fake would mean the chairs are really plastic instead of metal. Fake would mean that when somebodys bleeding, its cranberry juice.

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    You do know poppin' into a category you don't seem to give a bleedin' monkey's @$$ about and asking a question like that does not entirely agree with what you claim in your "about me"?

    Sure, it's not as spiteful sounding as many of the others who do it, but it's still unnecessary and not particularly likely to score brownie points with karma.

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    yh it is fake but its still entertaining and its still a sport.

  • 1 decade ago

    do you know that every sport is fake too and omg so is movies wow your stupid.:)♥

  • 1 decade ago

    let me hit you with a metal chair and tell me that it doesn't hurt.

    why don't you go and buy a purse.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes...but who cares...it's a form of entertainment....it still takes a lot to do what they do...lets see you do it...

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, and so are the soap opera's. Do you care..neither do I

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