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What kind of houseplant is this?

I bought this a few days ago, I think it's a Dwarf Schefflera?! But I really don't know. Do you know if you Can you put it outside as well? Is it cat friendly? thank you!

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    yes to schefflera.. and i have mine outside during the summer... in a pot of course.. and bring it in when it gets cold... if you put it outside in a pot watch its water. the like water.. but not soggy soil.... keep mine in the shade... good luck!

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    it is a schefflera,dwarf is an oxymoron, u can plant it outside and it will grow very tall. it is cat friendly but do plant it away from the house as the roots are very invasive and it does get to b 20 or 30 ft tall. It will stay small if u keep it in the same pot .

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    You are right and yes you can. Probably from warm weather in spring till fall. So make sure you keep it potted and bring it in in the winter. They will freeze like crazy if you are in a freezing climate.

    In Tampa Florida in 1977 we had a 12 or 15 foot Schefflera outside and we got so cold in January that year that it froze to the ground. Oh yes it actually snowed.

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    Boring old Schlefflera, but a lovely corner chair !

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    yes ,you can place outside in a shaded location.but you must bring in in the winter and yes it is pet friendly

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