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where can i find different types of red hair.?

im thinking of dying my hair red, but like a dark brownish red.

where can i find pics of that?

and if i dye it red, would blondish highlights look bad??

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    I'm a redhead and I use Garnier because I think their reds hold on longer than other brands. Also, it can't hurt to use those John Frieda shampoos/conditioners for red hair to give ya a little boost between dyeing's...Look at Garnier 100% color 654 Light Coppery Mahogany Brown, 415 Soft Mahogany Brown or Garnier Nutrisse 452 Dark Reddish Brown (Chocolate Cherry), 558 Medium Mahogany Brown (Chocolate Peanutbutter), or 56 Medium Reddish Brown (Sangria)...If none of these are what you're looking for, you can look at the other brands (most brands have more dark or auburn shades of red than the light or coppery shades so you're halfway there already, lol) And no, blonde on red doesn't look bad but it calls for a lot of upkeep and management...Hope this helps!!!

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    If you go red, try a really deep brownish red with more brown than red. Try dark auburn. And, if you have this color hair, copper colored highlights look much better than blond. Unless your hair is blond right now, strawberry blong, or light red hair, will not look natural at all, in fact, it will probably turn out orange.

    Source(s): Naturally auburn colored hair.
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    my hair is a brownish red and it looks really good...blondish highlights but not too blonde would look good i think.

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    Local salons may carry a color catalogue. And the color you are looking for is Auburn? And if you do get highlights, make sure the blonde is very dark, bright would look..bad.

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    When you find some can you tell me! I CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE=(

    Try looking it up on Yahoo but in the images section.

    I think the Blonde highlights would looks cute=) Maybe like a Honey Blonde.

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    girl go for anything that you think will look good on you, and as far as pictures go, girl that is what the Internet, and hair books are for

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    Aveda and Redkin make great reds.

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