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Am I wrong for getting mad at my best friend?

He told me about some other female telling him that I was saying stuff about him, not true. I asked him what she said that I said about him, all he did was shake his head and walk past me like he was mad. So I kept askin him, he wouldn't tell me at all. So I got mad at him, he also jus left me sitting there. The other female, yes I did ask her what she told him that I said. She wouldn't tell me either. I told her I can't be her friend anymore if she's going to be talking behind my back. I barely know her and I was trying to be her friend, and she messed that all up for herself. Am I wrong? Who should I be mad at? My best friend or the female? Or both?

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    Your best friend needs time to sort through his thoughts. If he can't come to the conclusion you'd never say whatever he thinks you said about him, then have a heart to heart with him. In fact, you may want to wait like a day or two before going up to him again and having a heart to heart. You should be mad at the female because she was makings things up to ruin your friendship. It's clearly obvious she's attracted to your best friend and sees you as a threat. Just ignore her and focus on your best friend. All the best to you.

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    If your best friend won't tell you something someone said about you behind your back, how much of a best friend is he anyway?

    Being mad at them is useless. You can be unhappy with their decisions, but anger won't get you anywhere. Just write your best friend a note saying something along the lines of "I don't know what you heard about me, but I don't think I've done anything or said anything that should make you be this way." Just give him the note and walk away.

    Sometimes, not showing how much you care in person is the best way to get someone's attention. Your passion will show on paper. That's what matters.

    Good luck. I hope this situation sorts out alright.

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    You are not wrong at all. If you did not say anything that it is either a miscommunication or one (or both) of them is messing with your mind. Don't be mad at all, that just adds more anger to the situation. If I were you I would refrain from talking to the girl and when it comes to your best friend...say you are sorry for whatever they heard. Also, tell them that you did not say anything bad about them. Then leave them alone for a little bit, sometimes people just need time to think about things. Hopefully it will all be forgotten soon.

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    You should be mad at the female. She was probably jealous of you and your best friend's relationship, so she made up lies to make you two mad at each other. Look your best friend in the eye, and tell him strait out that you didn't say anything hurtfull about him to her. If your relationship is strong with your best friend, he will listen. Dump the female friend, she is too low for you to so such a thing.

    Good Luck!

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    I think that you should be mad at both. Well end your friendship with the back stabber girl, and as far as your best friend, you ahould be mad due to the fact that he isnt trusting you over her. You need to say to him" who did you know first?, Have I ever did something like this before?" And when he says no, say theres your answer. I dont think that you are wrong for asking, and if he or she cant tell you the truth about what you supposidly said, then I would refuse to talk to them till they come to you and explain. Dont keep nagging them, let them come to you. I would definalty be hurt that your best friend is holding that info from you, I think you need to think twice about the friends, maybe its time for new ones.

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    if he says he's your best friend he would of stopped and asked you without cursing and told you everything she said that you said about him, so you can only be mad at one person and that's the female, and you can slightly be mad at him because he didn't trust you enough to not believe everything he hears, he would've just come to you after she told him everything and asked you if it was true or not, if you lie to him that would of been something different. SO best guess you can be mad at both but mostly at her.

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    I think you should ignore them both. If they cannot tell you then it sounds like they are playing games with you. I would pretend it does not bother. One of them are bound to come to you and talk to you about it. If they don't they weren't good friends in the first place... You can't fix what is broken unless you know the problem. It's not your problem they are not telling you what the problem. As long as you know you have done nothing wrong and you go to bed happy about yourself, that is all that matters. Good luck.

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    This is their way of telling you they like each other. Let it go and move on with your life. Especially since you know you didn't say anything. They are making it up. They aren't your friends. A true friend wouldn't do such a thing.

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    in all honestly, i would not be mad at all. i would tell them both to grow up. if you know that you didn't say anything and you expressed that to your best friend that should be enough. your question was alot of her said she said and i didn't even read it all. your friend will realize that he was wrong and eventually come back and talk to you. so i would just keep cool and wait until that happens.

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    First, don’t let this female get in between your friendship with your friend. Let him cool off and speak to him again. And maybe you both (u and your friend) have a right to be angry. He heard something that made him upset and you can defend yourself because you don’t know what was said.

    I say, drop this female and work it with your friend. Good Luck

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