anyone in alaska/has been to alaska?

Help me out? I'm leaving in a few days for Kodiak, and I'm wondering how the weather is up there. Or anything you think I need to know to get prepared. Also anyone who knows Kodiak, anything good to do there? Thankss

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    i lived in anchorage for 15 yrs...AK. is a great state

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    I haven't been but my husband and son were there in May. They were in Anchorage Alaska. They really enjoyed themselves while they were there. It was a little chilly, but for the most part, they had fun. I think you will need your jacket or coat, but then who knows??

    BTW, there is no sales tax in Alaska, everything is what the price is when you look at the price tag, that will be the price you pay!

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    the weather here is shi* lol soory but right now its just rainy..and we're getting into our short days now..its just realy sad the summer has gone by really fast.

    OH AND BY THE WAY..there IS SALES TAX!!! the only city that doesnt, is anchorage alaska..the biggest city...ive lived here for almost 18 years so i know!! lol, but its not that much.

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