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Which Side Suffers Most From "Freedom Of Speech" In America? The Dems/Leftists, Or The Rest Of America

Try to keep an open mind....Which side is trying to elliminate the other side`s point of views and forums instead of engaging them in various forms of public discourse ?


I see most of you...most likely demoleftists, were not even able to grasp the very meaning of my question...or you people were simply trying to "put it down"......How ironic.....

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    The hearing impaired suffer the most in speech issues.


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    And thus comes in the issue of the Fairness doctrine.

    Why is that that so many like Kucinich, Feinstein and Clinton want to erradicate mediums of discussion (biggest hullabaloo coming now is about talk radio and the FCC, but some have wanted to spread it to other mediums such as US web bloggers, collumnists, etc.) So much for freedom of choice reading material. If Free Speech is an inalienable right, then why are our leaders talking about its termination? Someone must be suffering? But who? It would seem the leftists are most worried about public discourse, and i wonder why.

    Freedom of Speech already has time, place and manner restrictions, which i believe are good in many circumstances. But it doesn't limit what is being presented, and that's what's important, at least to keep people from being infringed and/or harmed (physically/mentally/spiritually/emotionally/etc-ly).

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    I believe democrat politicians suffer most because of freedom of speech - which is why democrat politicians have tried before to eliminate the republican point of view . Americans , in the past didn't have as much feedback from the mainstream media in the way of choice . The majority of the mainstream media has been liberal and biased for a long time . With more and more conservative talk shows becoming extremely popular , Americans , many for the first time , are hearing alternate points of view ..and realizing they agree . That's why this so-called "Fairness Doctrine" keeps raising it's ugly head . Democrats like Gore & Edwards get indignant about the fox TV-network - for fear there might be one alternative view . What is fair about that besides nothing ? Now they want to take away our freedom of choice in talk-radio ? Last time I checked Castro & Chavez were not running this country . A few politicians are not going to choose for Americans , who we get our alternative views from - or where .

    Source(s): "Bias" by Bernard Goldberg .
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    I don't think anyone suffers from free speech. It's a good thing.

    As for which side is trying to "eliminate teh other side's point of view instead of engaging in discourse", I don't think that either side has a monopoly on that one. This forum is the reason why it has been a rule not to discuss politics in many drinking establishments for centuries.

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    No one suffers under Free speech, although the left seems to think so, and is trying to silence any opposition to their PC world or anyone that disagrees with them and points out their failures! Just look at the 'Fairness Doctrine'! A way to silence the high demand and popularity towards conservative radio! Look how when a conservative/republican does the most insignificant thing wrong, it is showcased on the news and drilled into our heads by democrat politicians, but in the case of a liberal/democrat doing something wrong, it pretty much goes unnoticed, and if it is pointed out, it is said to be nitpicking and fades away in a few days!

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    Suffer from "freedom of speech?" May I suggest laying off the bong for a while?

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    no one suffers from freedom of speech!

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    Neither side suffers.

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