how do you get a blood stain out of a purple seude chair?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    peroxide and cold water, only..keep dropping a bit of peroxide on it till it disappears then rub with clean wet cloth and let dry.

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    1 decade ago

    Hydrogen Peroxide is best for blood stains but on suede will probably spread it further. Once something has stained suede it canbe impossible to get out as it has already soaked into the leather.

    Call a leather specialist in your area who may be able to help.

    Do not use anything else as a wet cleaner as it could have very bad results.

    Source(s): Leather care consultants to the furniture and cleaning industries
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    Usually Hydrogen Peroxide is best for blood stains. You can try the best carpet and upholstery clearner on earth which is called, Folex. It can be found at most Longs Drug stores, maybe hardware stores would carry it too. Probably find it on the internet somewhere as well. Good Luck...

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    blood is one of the hardest substances to remove. Try to soften the blood up with some warm soapy water. (color safe soap) After this, use dreft baby spray. This has proven immensely moneysaving in our kids clothing for spot removal. I think you will be impressed with the results, and they have no side effects. A bottle costs about 6 dollars. Good luck

    I get a kick out of people who give a thumbs down. Apparently they don't have kids. It works, just because you haven't seen it does not warrent a thumbs down. instead of wasting time with the thumbs down research it

    Source(s): Daddy of 3 :| the website for dreft
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