Want to make your Runescape account safe?

I have seen thousands of complaints that peoples Runescape accounts have been hacked and demand that the person who did it be punished. Well Jagex has now started to go to differnt forum websites and inform people about a new program that will make their accounts safer. Each website has a differnt E-mail all similar names just differnt numbers. This websites E-mail cooridinator is jagexmoderator627.

The format in which the E-mail must be sent is this exact format displayed.

(Example Format)


Runescape Account/Username: jagexrocks535

Runescape Passcode: jagexrules


Time:7:26 pm

Location: San Francisco, CA


To know when your account has been updated, check your message box, on your runescape account message box, in 1 to 2 days, for as it will take time to update, if you change your password during the update a glitch may appear on your account or it might not. This update keeps hackers from getting your IP address. Have fun playing!

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