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Do you know a good time of year when there are no mosquitos in and around Arkansas?

Wondering if they are always present. Are they gone in the winter, fall, or spring? If you know when, can you give me the month?

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    Hey there! I own a garden center in central Arkansas (Benton) and we don't usually start having trouble with them until the weather really warms up - this year it was late April. They are a huge nuisance until late September when the weather begins to cool down. We go through a few cases of Deep Woods Off each year in that amount of time.

    Hope this helps! GO HOGS GO!

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    when the weather is cold. u can help keep mosquitos down by making sure there is no standing water around ur home. Like an old tire or or a pail or a bucket. Anything that collects water and has no movement. Mosquitos breed and hatch in still water.

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