jobs for under fifteens, serious people only....?

does anyone know where a 14.7 year old can get a job? types of businesses and stuff?

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    When I was your age I worked under the table(did not have to pay taxes) at a dog kennel. I had way more money than any of my friends and I learned a lot about working with animals. (sometimes working with people can feel like working with animals too). What I am trying to say is that, I learned a lot and it was an all around awesome experience. I kept the job for five years.

    So look around your town for some family owned business that looks like they could use some help, they probably need it anyway and would love to teach you their craft. Good Luck and have a great summer!

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    1 decade ago its a great site and worked for me when i was ur age.Its made specificaly for teenagers.Try it out.

    Try odd jobs too i started off volunteering to get a job at sixteen because i had to show i was responsible

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