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doing heavy weights?

if you do heavy weights does it make ur muscles go big n does it happen quick or take time lets say in a months time will they have gone big n will u be able to tell a difference


yes i am first going to do this do lightweights n do cardio so i will be ready to left heavyweights if u now what i mean u shud neva rush into such things like that

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    Yes, heavy weights will make your muscles bigger and will make you stronger. It takes a few months to see results. Like at the most 6 months if you don't give up. Yes it will be noticable. Really noticable in a year.

    Just keep at it. Results don't come the next day.

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    You might wanna build stamina with mid-weight lifting and then build up to heavy so your ready.

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    it takes time,but you need to be careful k?

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