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I am 14 and never had a boyfriend before. I have the BIGGEST crush on my best friends cousin but he is kinda a bad boy and I am a good girl. What I mean by that is I know the difference between wrong and right and I am not a wild child.....i get good grades and so on. I know that in reality I would probably never date him because we live in diff. towns. BUT is it okay to still have a HUGE crush on a guy that is kinda a bad boy. On his myspace it says that he is a stoner (he took a quiz on what kind of guy he is) I am NOT into stoners and would never date a you think that he is a stoner or not?? I am really scared that I am not supposed to like a guy like this...but I can't help myself. He is really hott!!!! He is 15. The only problem is that I never get to see him...and I really don't know if I should tell my friend i like him.....should i??

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    The bad boys always seem interesting. I usually always had a crush on the bad boys but never could date them. If you don't like him since he's a stoner than admire his hottness from afar and be cool with him. You like who you like and no one can tell you that you're wrong.

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    you have a long life ahead of you. u can have a crush on him nothing wrong. but, don't go for the dab guys. it will only bring you done to their level and I don't think you want to be at that level. You have worked to hard in school to through it all away. Good luck, Mark

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    if u do tell your best friend that u like his cousin he would go tell him but u should not go for his type he is bad trouble

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