Please help me figure this out...what should I do?

I have been friends with this guys for years. We briefly dated but it went sour because of the distance. He now tells me that he is ready to settle down and that he has everything but the relationship. I don't say anything because it went sour before and he hasn't expressed to me that he wants more. He knows that I like him still because i text him the other day telling him so..i figured he would either back off or pursue but he still calls me almost everyday and hasn't mentioned it!!! He's a super shy kind of guy but im starting to give up. I havent formally asked him but why should I? I think i've given enough hints don't you think? There he is calling me now!! LOL

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    Honey, my husband always tells me that he loves me dearly and would do anything for me, but he doesn't have ESP. He wants me to be direct with him because he's afraid he'll miss a hint. I think you should tell your friend that you're willing to try a deeper relationship with him again, but if he's not interested, you understand. Tell him you value his friendship and don't want to lose it, so would he prefer friendship alone, or does he want to try to build on what you already have?

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    If there is still distance between you, then I don't blame you for being stand-offish. If distance was the problem the first time around, it probably will be the second time. Tell him that you just want to stay friends for now and see where it goes. Just trust yourself and what your instincts tell you.

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    Maybe hes just really shy to bring it up. I wouldnt give up i mean maybe u should bring the conversation about it up first.

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