please help me out!?

me and this guy had sex for the first time. he didnt believe me that i was a virgin, but i was. the first time he did everything to me and was gentle, but he didnt really talk much. he was really caring afterwards though, we hung out..i got tired..went back to my room..then he came later and slept over and layed with me. but a few nights later when we had sex again he was constantly asking me if i was alright and he told me to tell him when to stop and if it hurt

you think he was nervous the first time? and sex is just different everytime? or was he using me the first time..but why would he be so caring and everything afterwards?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Absolutely, he was nervous! Why so caring and whatnot..? Research . Is sex different .?....hopefully ! Were you used? Maybe One way to find out could be when he wants sex .. instead of saying yes say could you just hold me tonight? if he bails you got your answer used. Referring to Q1 the being so sincere brought your defenses down enough so it would be easier for sex in the future hope this helps

  • Lady G
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    1 decade ago

    Even if he didn't believe you were a virgin, he was treating you as though you were. It can be uncomfortable the first few times and he was being cautious. This is a good thing. Be grateful.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He is giving you a lot of care and that is a good thing. Be glad...

    Stop over thinking it...

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