Can I set up a partneship between a laptop and a desktop (not online)?

My work involves a lot of travelling between the office,home and field.I have a laptop,a pocket PC and desktop computer at home all not on internet.I also have an office machine on internet.I have a partnership between the Pocket PC and the home desk top to enable synchonising data.Is it possible to set up partnerships amongst all four machines?Can I set up a partneship between a laptop and a desk top (without internet connestions)?What is the limit to the number of machines that can be have partnerships?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    good news is you don't need internet connectivity to network those computers together. you will need a hub/switch which you can get at and electronic store. common ones are netgear, D-link, Linksys. you can find articles on line about how to network pc's together but in a nutshell you would connect all the computers to the hub/switch and make sure they are all on the same subnet. to do this you would have to know how to configure the IP addresses. to check the IP address go to Start > run > type 'cmd' without the quotes then type 'ipconfig'. Do this on each computer connected to the hub. All the pc's should have ip addresses that start with the same prefix..for example you might see 169.254.x.x...if this is the case then they are all on the same subnet then you can continue with the nertworking process. you can share folders and files by mapping drives (look up how to map a drive in Windows). you might also see ip addreses like 192.168.x.x. BUT if the IP addresses are different then you will need to configure them yourself. this is called assigingin a static IP address. (look up how to set a static IP). you can address your computers with the following addresses,,,, and so on..then they will be able to communicate. p.s. the subnet mask for these addresses is (you'll know what I mean if you have to set a static IP)

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