what do u need to do if you wanted to be a professor of history?

do u need to get an education degree along with the history degree, or do you not need an education degree, but just get ur masters?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A professor of history at a university is a researcher first and a teacher second. You can think of it this way: a high school history teacher's job is to teach kids what's in the history textbook. A professor of history's job is to figure out the information that should be written in the textbook. The teaching part is just how the university raises money. You do NOT need any kind of background or training in education/teaching.

    You'll need a PhD to be a professor in a university. You'll also need to maintain research, try to raise money for your research, and publish articles or books regularly.

    If you're only interested in _teaching_ at a higher level, community college is the way to go. Some CCs even accept teachers or "associate professors" who only have master's degrees! You still won't need any kind of education degree or training, although it is nice.

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    To be a professor, you need not only a Masters, but also a PhD. At least to teach at a reputable university. You don't need the Education background. That's why so many professors are not good teachers. They know their subject, but not how to teach. Get both, and you will be more valuable to the school and to your students.

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