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What do I say to my boyfriend on drugs?

I am 13 and have to deal with my slutty, drug using friends all the time. But, I do nothing of the sort and my boyfriend just dumped me becasue he said I deserve better. But, I am cray for him and want to help. He was on weed and heroine and said he hasn't for a month. I recently found out he isn't a virgin, either. This was disappointing, but not hard to believe I guess. Well, I got very upset with him and broke up with him, but called him back 5 seconds later and apologized a billion times. Then, we were going out that night, but he called an hour before and said he was still coming, but not as my boyfriend. Now, he is going out with my friend, but doesn't love her and he loves me. He asked me to wait for him and I have no problem with that. He was literally crying to me on the phone saying he didn't know what to do anymore. And, i didn't know what to say, because he isn't the crying type of guy. Now I am pretty much positve we will end up back together. But, how do I comfort him.


He is 13, too.

Update 2:

Thank you guys for all of your help and support. I am just very confused right now. I am good at being the better influence so I hope I can help. And, to answer some of your guys questions, he does want to stop. In fact, he said that the ONLY reason he broke up with me is because he didn't want to drag me into it. He said he loved me so much, that he didn't want to drag me down. He didn't want me to have to live a life like him. So hopefully, I can pull him out of this hell hole. Talking to his parents is kind of out of the question though, because he is adopted and lives in a house with his adoptive parents. I can tell he is going through a lot, he told me he had dreams of the last time he saw his dead grandparents. I am worrried about him so I think the best thing to do is try to support him, not dump him. I am very proud of him for trying to quit.

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    Say, Goodbye.

    You're way too young to fix this guy.

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    You need to stand firm here girl encourage him to seek help for his problem even tell him you'll go with him if he wants and if you want to but that you will not do it for him

    If i was in your situation i'd tell him that it's either the drugs or me which are you gonna choose. You don't need to put yourself through that

    Whatever you do don't put yourself through a life with an active drug addict

    If that fails then sometimes the hardest thing to do is to walk away let him see what he's lost

    believe me i know i been there

    I had to tell my bf the same thing it was different circumstances but similar. With him he was seeing me and his ex at the same time

    And i told him look it's either her or me and he couldn't say anything so i told him here's my number when you grow up and make your choice look me up

    it almost killed me emotionally to walk away from him cause i loved him so much but ya know what

    He made his choice We're back together and have been for Quite a few years now . No it didn't happen right away we were apart for a long time but it worked out

    I gave my best friend in the whole world this choice too and you know what again it took a while but we are back as best freinds and stronger than ever

    In the choice with the guy i decided i deserve better than that.

    And so do you

    I also have experience with the drugs and alcohol i used to do it myself

    I am clean and sober 5 years now

    If you need to talk message me feel free i know where you are sitting i been there

    You deserve better than this you are so young

    Like i said if you need to talk i been there in your shoes

    Message me

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    Firstly, you need to have a serious talk to your boyfriend and your friends about their drug using behaviors. If you are not doing those kinds of things, you shouldn't have to hang around with people who are and see them throw their lives away with that kind of crap. I am 13 too, and i found out my friend was smoking and crap like that so i kindof know what you are talking about. Heroine is a serious drug that could kill him, and put other people in danger as well. He needs to stop it, and if he really LOVES you, then he will get the will power to stop. If he also isn't a virgin, that isn't that good either. The only thing you can do is to have a deep talk with him without distractions and tell him how you really feel. He is showing that he is concerned with his crying, and you just need to be supportive of him trying to stop. But if you find out that he starts using drugs again, or is sleeping with other girls, dump him fast, because YOU DO DESERVE BETTER.

    The Best of Luck to you. And i hope everything works out.

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    You don't! I have had many boyfriends that were drug users and I am not. I will tell you, the drugs will always come first!! No matter how much he loves you! The best thing for you to do is to walk away with your head held high and KNOW that you are doing the best thing for you. When people are high they really dont care about your saftey or their own. If he is not a virgin there is a very good chance that he had unprotected sex! He can still be your friend, but dont make him your "get better project".

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    Ok, have you actually seen him do heroin? Because chances are he doesn't. Chances are likely that he's just another attention seeking teen with maybe a chemical imbalance.

    You don't want to hear this but, you're 13. You don't really even need to be dating yet, let alone someone who does heroin. I know girls that started dating then, fell in love with older cokeheads and are now pregnant for the 3rd time at the age of 16.

    The main thing here is your young. Not even in high school yet and he's telling you to wait for him.... don't. People don't 'wait' for people at the age of 13, that's something that just sounds wonderful and romantic since it's seen on every other movie. Live you're life, forget about him however hard it might be.

    In high school there'll be allll kinds of boys to fall in love with that are good people.

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    You tell your boyfriend to stop taking drugs and get his life together if wants to be with you. How old is he anyway (doing weed and H)? He sounds way too old for a 13 year old...

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    You need to talk to this boys parents and get this kid in rehab if he's this young and doing heroine. I would tell him that if he wants to be a part of your life, drugs can't have any place in it. First and foremost, he needs to get help.

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    courtny, just try to help him through it the best you can. i have a friend who does the same thing. just talk to him and tell him how much he means to you and that you don't want to see him get dragged through this, also let him know you are there for him.

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    Darlin' I'm not even going to address the stuffing on this one.

    The answer to your question is Good-Bye and Good-Riddance

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    I think you should break up with him, if he doesn't change. I'm going through the same thing right now, my girlfriend does drugs. I'm thinking of breaking up with her...

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