Why do so many women listen to music that is derogatory towards women?

Hip Hop or R&B, whatever. As a man I would not listen to a song by women that had a theme of, Sleep with his brother and take all his money, so why do women listen to songs that speak of them like they are garbage that is to be used and discarded like the very condoms so many of them fail to use?


If this is how women want to act that is one thing. But why all of the complaining about being treated as objects if they act as such?

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  • Dr Bob
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    1 decade ago
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    Because in many women there seems to be a part of them that WANTS TO BE TREATED LIKE GARBAGE...

    But here's the kicker...

    It can't be because they're weak or submissive...They don't want to be seen as weak...

    It must be because "their man" IS A BEAST!!!

    And doesn't CARE that they (the woman) are strong and independent...Their man is SO strong that they treat them with the disregard that they would an unwanted MONGREL DOG!

    You see, if you pay attention to their feelings, they see you as weak...If you rape them and punch them in the face when they "mouth-off," then you're a MAN...

    Fortunately, most women don't have this problem to that degree, but it seems to exist in some form or fashion in many of them...

  • 5 years ago

    Women degrade themselves. Not a hard concept to wrap your head around. There are obviously females that have high standards, self esteem and all of that, but there are also undeniably females that are whores. It's quite possible a rapper could notice these stark differences too and whichever type of female they choose to rap about is their own choice, they don't have to be positive, because that's not what art is about, it's not always cheerie. Though I doubt they're rapping about the entire female gender as a whole regardless of the light they choose to rap about them in, positive or negative. Do I think it is as a whole? No, of course not. That's just an ignorant view point for any person to take. There's plenty of songs with positive themes regarding women. Can it be? Of course, just as any genre with lyrics can be. It's no more offensive then any other genre in that respect. No. Again, those women that partake in certain stereotypical Rap videos, choose to get half naked for the camera. They get paid to do that. It's the same with a female in a porno, she has a choice whether or not she wants to be in it, so she's not being exploited. The women are exploiting their own body's for monetary gain. Yes, some does, of course. It also displays men as sex symbols too. What form of entertainment doesn't in some way portray attractive people as sex symbols? Though again, not all rap music can be put into a little box, it's far too diverse a genre for that, so again, not all of it does. ...I don't know, I'm not a women. If a female already does, possibly, though people with low self esteem are usually easily influenced by entertainment and media. If they're self confident in themselves I would doubt they'd let the music effect them however.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First of all, R&B has very little negative lyrics towards women. Hip-hop and Rap, which are completely different, are the problems. Black music has hit rock bottom lyrics wise, but it just sounds so good. Personally, I made my first non-black CD this weekend for that very purpose. It has Fergie, Rihanna, Couting Crows, and The Fray on it. That 1 cd has about as much non-black music as I like, therefore it is either R&B, Gospel, horrible lyrics but sounding good, or the same 12 songs over and over.

    You know, as a counter-point, you can go talk to any of these rap star's wives and learn that they refer to women in a specific group not all women. Women are women, hos are hos, bitc... you get the point. There are women out there that can be used like condoms so that's the ones they talk about.

    I love the answer above referring to Girls Gone Wild, darn good point.

  • 1 decade ago

    Some people are just listening to the music and not really the lyrics and a lot of women do not even put themselves in those categories so they don't even acknowledge what is being said. Only a female who considers herself one of the above will be offended by what these people are saying. And SEX sells and all of that stuff makes money so regardless of what people think the industry is looking out for itself no the feelings of women, m en children whatever

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hm..I don't know. But it is possible they try hard to ignore the words, and just focus on the "tune and beats" - which is what I mostly like in a piece of music. It's the tune and beats that make me like a piece. Good lyrics are mostly a bonus. But yes, if it's screaming something really bad in my ears, like way too many swear words, I will shut it off, no matter what.

    And perhaps, some women aren't bothered by it as much, even though they know it's wrong. But music isn't just bout the lyrics u know.

  • 1 decade ago

    I've never understood it myself. I don't listen to music of ANY genre that has degrading lyrics.

    Having said that - Not all hip hop has degrading lyrics. The stuff that gets radio play does, but there are alternatives out there.

    A better question would be: Why is it that the major record labels only accept hip hop/rap IF it is degrading, and refuse to support some of the better stuff that's out there?

  • 1 decade ago

    I have heard this argument so many times before but what's sad is when people come up with crazy answers in response to it such as:

    " They are not talking about me so I don't care"


    " It's only what you answer to that counts"

    That's as if someone is say the N word and they may not be saying to you but it still offends you nonetheless.

    My answer to this is LACK OF SELF RESPECT. Plain and simple. If you respect yourself as a woman you will not support artist or listen to music that disrespects you.

    It could be the surroundings in which they grew up which led them to believe that they were less than. It could be a lack of proper role models in the household or lack of knowledge about who they are as a person and where they come from.

    Any person that loves themselves (truly and honestly) will not allow themselves to be spOKen about in such a manner. And when men see that you are ok with dancing or singing to such material, they will assume that is how you are or that it's OK to be disrespected in that manner.

  • 1 decade ago

    R&B music actually isn't very bad with misogyny. It's rap music and hip hop that is ruining the music industry. No other genre of music focuses solely on degrading women, and rappers trying to boost their image off of sporting ignorant "hos" and rented jewerly and cars. It amazes me how many young woman continue to buy into this crap like it's something worthy of their money. Even young men shouldn't promote such foulness.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gee, probably because ... IT'S ALL OVER THE PLACE?

    Name one single song that you've ever heard in your life sung by a woman that encourages other women to "sleep with his brother and take all his money." Now tell me if it's easier to ignore and change the station from the three songs like this in existence, or the songs EVERYWHERE that describe women disrespectfully or stereotypically that you can't get away from.

    I'm completely amused by people's ignorance and racism in singling out traditionally black music as the music most derogatory toward women. Another respondent mentioned she likes to listen to Nine Inch Nails. Check out these Nine Inch Nails lyrics to "Closer," sung by a male:

    "You let me violate you

    You let me desecrate you

    You let me penetrate you

    You let me complicate you ...

    You can have my isolation

    You can have the hate that it brings

    You can have my absence of faith

    You can have my everything."

    Yeah, sounds pretty respectful and appreciative of women to me. Let's see Buckcherry's "Crazy ******," because women also love to be called names by white and not only black men:

    "Break me down, you got a lovely face

    We're going to your place

    And now you got to freak me out

    Scream so loud, getting *******' laid

    You want me to stay, but I got to make my way


    You're a crazy ******

    But you ***** so good, I'm on top of it."

    What a crazy ****** for wanting him to stay. Good thing she can *****, though, since apparently her entire value rests on the ability.

    I listen to some hip-hop and rap because it is dance music, it evolved out of African dance music, and I like to dance; some of it is derogatory, some is not. Refusing to listen to sexist music is, for many people, like refusing to buy products made overseas: just too hard and expensive. Every time you turn on the radio, you're listening to music produced using the same patriarchal ideology and that has produced rap and hip-hop. If you think you've somehow "escaped" it by not listening to rap, think again.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some girls are just idiotic enough to listen to that sh*t just like a lot of guys are stupid enough to buy into this whole mainstream cRAP BS... as a result, many of them wear pants so loose they're forced to waddle like penguins, and so many girls wear their hair so tight in a ponytail they're going to be bald before they hit their prime.

    I'm a female, and I do NOT listen to mainstream rap or R&B... in fact, I listen only to rock: Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Disturbed, etc. These are bands with extremely liberal attitudes and lyrics with substance.

    Also, you sound quite bitc-.... irritated. Seriously, you don't need to rant about something like this because in the end, women who listen to that sh*t will continue to listen to it. By the way, it's expected that the MALE should be using the condom, not the female unless you're talking about female condoms, which aren't even that popular anyway.

    Finally, I hope you're only talking about MAINSTREAM hip hop and rap, not UNDERGROUND because there's a big difference. I myself don't care for either because it's just not my cup of tea, but I will go ahead and say that underground rap takes real skill to do, and many of the guys who do that kind of stuff need to be quick with their words and minds. Most underground rap actually deals with some pretty serious subjects like politics and injustice instead of banging ho's.

  • 1 decade ago

    I KNOW!!! Women don't respect themselves enough these days. They may just like the song......or they feel some kind of connection to the song. I personally hate rap, hip hop, and R&B because of the crappy lyrics and crappy singers. I listen to rock, indie, and grunge because the lyrics mean something to me instead of lyrics like "sleep with his brother" in most rap songs. These women need to find some decent men and some better music!!

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