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Animal crossing Game!!!!!!?

I turned off the game while i was still on the train.....

Now my money and items are gone!

How do i get them BACK??

or Where did they go??

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    I am so sorry that this happened.

    But the thing with animal crossing is that it runs in real people time. So if you have not yet, the next time you turn on the game a scary mole will appear and shout at you about turning the game off without saving.

    Unfortunately you can not retrive any of your lost items. Sorry to say this is your own fault.

    The reason for losing your items though was not because you turned off the game, it was because you turned off the game while you were traveling/in another town.

    Good luck and be careful,


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    1 decade ago

    i am afraid u probably cant as the file had probably corrupted or deleted itself because of the unexpected turn off.

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