Does he like me?

Well, last sunday i went to my sister's boyfriend's house, and i met his nephew who is about my age. he was a bit shy, and he was really cute. my sister talked to him, and he just was really shy, so was i. so when we went into the car, along the way, my sister's boyfriend got a text from his nephew saying that he though i was fine. then my sister's boyfriend also explained that he wasn't usually that shy. then a couple days later at the mall, my sister said that she's been talking with her boyfriend's nephew and he keeps on saying that i'm really cute. i also spotted him at the mall the same day. we both eyed each other for a long time, and when we finally passed each other, he finally called my sister's name. they huged, and he smile and waved at me. i also discussed him to my friends who also suprisingly know him too. one of my friends even dated him before. they said that he was a good guy and i should go for him, and get to know him. so what should i do, and do u think he likes me?


but i'm kinda not sure if hes single becuase on his myspace his headline says, "i love babycakes"

Update 2:

and i don't know if i can see him a lot

Update 3:

and i don't know if i can see him a lot

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  • 1 decade ago
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    totally he likes you!! go for him girl he likes you. belive me i should know! i think you know that he likes you to! this is your chance to get him! he will be SO happy if you ask him out. so just go for him. i know he will say yes!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well of course he likes you!!

    totally go for it

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