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Spina bifida?

Does anybody know or have spina bifida...my youngest daughter was born with it...just wondering how other ppl are doing with it!!!

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    You could find a support group or start a Yahoo! Group about it. I am sure you will get lots of people and help a lot by sharing stories and learning. I went to Yahoo! Groups and there is not group for spina bidifia yet. Maybe you should make one. Good luck and I hope your daughter is doing well.

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    My sister found out her son had spina bifida when he was just delivered, that was 23 years ago, they told her it would be kinder to let him go, my sister said no way. They told her that he would not be able to walk or talk or do anything.

    He is now an independant adult who is mouthy as any young man who thinks he knows it all! He still has health isues but leads a normal active life. The lesson that I got from them is that positive mental attitude really does help so does knowledge!

    The very best of luck and health to you your daughter and your family :))

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    Most children end up in a wheelchair when they get older unless you work on the muscles otheir people are going to therapy for spina bifida

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