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How do you think the Sacramento Kings can pull it together this year?

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    I am a HUGE Kings fan, they should trade Artest and some other players and their 10th overall pick and get the 1st overall from the Blazers, then draft Oden to give us an inside presence. Then keep on building around Kevin Martin

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    It's possible. They have to get the player they need in the draft for them to improve, then work on a scheme that will optimize their offense, play good team defense every game, and play hard. The West is very tough but it's important to keep things simple to be able to succeed.

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    With or without Ron Artest?

    With Artest, it's simple. They can't.

    Without Artest, it's also simple. The rest of the team will actually be able to focus on basketball instead of the soap opera that is Artest's life on and off the court.

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    they can do trades....they can get a good draft...i doubt they'll get it together this year....however the near future looks decent (to at least make the playoffs)..i doubt they'll have a title for a while...but w/ some good trades...and some draft picks....and ron artest remaining out of fights....

    i'd like to see the kings go far....i don't want them to beat my spurs...but i like watching the kings...especially w/ ron artest on there....

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  • jss104
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    trade bibby for big names

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