i might become a warrior in world of warcraft. but will i really be gear dependant??? please help me!! and give me pointers lol!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    this really depends on the spec you choose. Warriors get to wear plate which automatically ups your defenses and gives you a great way to get decent stats early on. Warriors are very lucky in that they have a profienctcy in a lot of areas. AS a dps warrior in higher levels you may even be able to out dps a rogue and have the ability to still offtank. Depending on your server find someone who can help you out with specs, or check out the armory at worldofwarcraft.com

    Source(s): hiddenstuff 70 rogue blackhand server
  • 1 decade ago

    I have a 70 human warrior on world of warcraft and I would say that you are not completely gear dependant but that all depends on your level, guild, and the type of warrior you are. I am a fury warrior which is a dps (or damage) warrior. I dont need alot of gear because I do a lot more damage. Towards the end of the game if you are going to be a tank warrior (protection) then you do need very good gear, especially in a big guild.

    Source(s): 70 Human Warrior - Bloodscalp Server
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