Energy issues?

I've been really tired all the time since I switch to being a vegetarian. I know I'm getting enough sleep, exercise, carbs, protein, water, iron, etc. Is there anything that anyone can think of that I'm missing?

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    Are you getting enough fresh fruits and vegetables? And when you eat carbs are they refined as in white flour and bread or whole grains as in brown rice and such? There's not enough detail to give you a specific answer. And how long have you been vegetarian?

    Many new vegetarians focus on eating meat substitutes for protein and grilled cheese sandwiches for calcium and carbs. A well round veggie diet can include these things but it is important to focus on fresh veg and fruit items and whole grains. If you just started you might just be going through withdrawals from sugar and simple carbs.

    Good Luck!

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    A radical change in diet tends to have a period where people experience lethargy.

    If your diet is well rounded and you feel that you are getting all your vitamins and minerals, then all I can say is try getting out in the sun and drink plenty of water.

    If the condition persists after after a few weeks, goto your doctor and maybe get a once over to make sure there is no underlying issue(s).

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    I would just make special care that you're getting enough iron and protein.

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    You're probably not missing anything, just detoxing, but it could be healthy fats (try avocados, nuts, seeds), as well as a source of omega 3s or DHA (flax oil, hempseeds/butter/oil, walnuts, canola oil, DHA microalgea).

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    hmm, you could talk to your doctor, but as long as you are going about this the right way, as your description suggests, i can't think why this could be.

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    Eat a big fat steak

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