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Should I stay with him?

Hi! Thank you for helping me!The probably is this i liked this guy for about 9 months! So then I asked him out finally but he said he won't go out with me cause he afraid to break my heart. So then i started talking and hanging out with him more. Then one day he asked me if i wanted to be friends with benefits with him and i said "yes" but it only lasted one day cause this other girl asked him out and he said yes to her then he called me that night and asked me if we can still be best frds but not frd w/ benefits so said yes. But then she broke up with him and after that he justed wanted to talk to me! No one else! But then he just stopped talking to me for like 2 months ! Then we started talking again and he asked me if i wanted to be frds w/ benefits again and i said yes and i asked him if he would ever ask me out or if we would ever go out and he said lets say frds with benefits for awhile then go out! But i asked him if he likes anyone else and he said just u but more than alittle!

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    There is an old saying, (old sayings tend to be true, otherwise people just forget them..........)

    Men will trade intimacy for sex

    Women will trade sex for intimacy.

    Read your question again, when you trim it down to the essentials, that's what's being said.

    Why not find a guy that truly appreciates you, rather than a guy just trying to get laid.

    He dumped you like a hot rock when something, (not someone, something), better came around. Now he's saying "just the right things" to get back in your pants.

    There are quality guys out their, find one.


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    Heck no you shouldn't stay with the guy. He is totally using you. Gave you some line about not breaking your heart, which endeared you more to him, while he is off trying to get his mack on with other chicks. He is also using your feelings for him as a type of control. He knows that you like him, so he figures he can turn that like into something that benefits him. Your like for him equals more sex for him. After all he has asked you what 3 times to be friends with benefits and you didn't say no? Best thing is to leave and learn from this incident to not let others use you babe, cuz some guys and girls out here are waiting for someone like you to come along and they can do whatever with you and if you don't say know, they will know they can use you for days.

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    This guy is just playing you. He wants to use you for sex and nothing else !! He drops you as soon as someone else comes along that is more interesting then you shows up and then you are just a memory, And he will come back to you only when he is bored and has nothing better to do.. He doesn't like you or love you, Why else do you think that he won't take you out in public to be seen with him? People might assume that you are his girlfriend and will start talking and ruin his chances for scoring with some other unsuspecting girl. He will never give you a straight answer, The only thing he wants is a sexual relationship with you with no strings attached, You would cramp his style. You deserve to find someone that can be there for you in an open and honest relationship , With a man that won't be embarrassed to be seen in public with you. You need a man who will love you for who you are and not just your body. I hope you find a man like that for you . You deserve to be happy and loved. I hope this has helped you and i wish you well !!

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    I have had a couple similar situaitons with ex boyfriends becoming friends with benefits wayy too soon after we broke up and I will tell you from experience it will never work out as anything more. You are basically letting him use you and letting him keep the option open to date other girls. If you really like this guy and have respect for yourself you will tell him you can only be friends, nothing more. If he really likes you he will come around and if not that just means there is someone way better out there for you!

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    Um... I dont think you CAN stay with him since you obviously like him a whole lot more than he likes you...

    He knows that you will get together with him whenever he wants you to. He will hook up with you whenever there is no one around, and you are always willing to.

    So basically, he eventually will treat you more like a doormat if you dont start holding your head up and realizing that you should be treated better by someone you care about.

    Now... if you didnt have feelings for him at all, then maybe FWB would work. But the fact is, he is basically going to drop you the minute he can date a girl he is more into.... because it isnt you. If the guy was into you, he wouldnt just settle for FWB. He would settle for ALL of you.

    So no.. I dont think you should stick around. I guarantee the minute you find a real guy who treats you really well and you are no longer available, the jealousy will seriously come out of this dude.

    But YOU be happy and find someone else for YOU. Not him.

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    I dont want to be harsh, but why do you want to stay with him? And are you really with him? Friends with benefit's is not a relationship. And what is so wrong with you that he wont go out with you right away but he will get with another girl without giving her the runaround. It's time to find someone else hon.

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    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? If I was you I would NEVER want to talk to him again!! He is using you, he knows you are always gonna be the "fall back girl"! Don't be that girl!!! Go find someone that wants to be with you even without the benefits!

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    I would be friends with him for now, but without the "benefits" He needs to figure out what he wants and not jerk you around. You can do better.

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    NO because it seems like he just wants to use u. any guy worth giving yourself to should be respectful enough to AT LEAST date u and not just use u for sex. u shouldnt put yourself in a position to get hurt. find a good guy that will respect u and treat u good.

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    He's an a** hole and it's very clear he's using you ..stop seeing him ..and don't even be friends with him ..he knows you like him..and he's taking advantage of that ..just drop it ..and go find someone who really wanna have a relationship with you ..

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