yz85 for sale?

it is a full mod with bores and it has a pro circuit r304 stainless shorty new back tire and chain and sprokets and im fixin to put a new spark in it and the year model is a 96 but itll keep up w/ any 85 and four wheeler i want 1,500 but i will take 1,000

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    1 decade ago
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    Hey brah. This isnt Craigslist. Go post there. You are spamming the boards. This is prohibited.

    That said, if you want $1500, dont tell people you will take $1000. You are cuttting yourself short. If I wanted your bike, do you think I would give you want you want, or what you'd take? Right....

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    Are you sure it's not an 80? Being a 96 model, I would assume that it is...

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    Roks wow, those are great marketing words, however, I may not afford the cost coz of importation cost to Dubai.

    My prayers are reserved for you that you get someone to buy it. I will let some of my friends near you if they are interested.

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