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should i go to the doctors or not.?


i'm 15,

blowing my nose A LOT

throat hurts so bad i have to whisper

not really much coughing, just like one coughing fit the other day.

this has been going on for like....two days.

my mom won't take me cause she thinks it's just a cold, but should i go?

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    Those are all symptoms of a cold. Give it another day or two, and if you don't feel any better by then, then you can ask your mom to take you to the doctor.

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    Look down your throat, if it looks pussy, have mom take you to the doctor. Otherwise suck on some cough drops and take some cold medication and if it's a cold it should be over soon. A sore throat that hurts so bad, you have to whisper kind of sounds like a tonsil problem.

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    The short answer is yes. If you are concerned about your condition and you disagree with your Mother about it being a cold, then go to your doctor.

    There are a multitude of conditions that could produce the symptoms you describe. I am not a doctor, and you don't say how long you have been experiencing these symptoms, but common sense tells me that, if it has been going on for a while, it's time to get it looked at.

    Don't wait.

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    take some over the country stuff. my mom swears on comtrex and sudafed. i like tyelnol cold.

    also could be allergies.

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