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He cheated, and moved?

me and my boyfriend been going out for 4 months already. and before he left he cheated on me. with my best friend Hiedi and i know to not go after the girl, but should i still be her friend.? but on theother hand myboyfriend moved to a big city and im only in a littl town. and i tryed to call him at his old house but his aunty said he left. and ever since ive been pouting.

what should i do?

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    He moved away, so I don't think there is much to do.

    I can't say whether you should still be her friend, but I wouldn't be able to. Every time you have a boyfriend you will be worried about her.

    She isn't much of a friend if she did that to you. One thing seems sure though - they both wanted to do it and since he was moving anyway, said what the heck.

    Doesn't sound like his moving away made you lose much. I say good riddance.

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    What about Hiedi,has he made contact.Look I'd forget all about this guy.

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