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What you you do for your friends?

How far would you go?


oops what would you do for your friends?

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    Always more than they expect, but rarely as much as they deserve.

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    Great question...

    I like some of the answers too...wish I could be friends of adammcadammcadamcadamada..or her friends, TRACY WENDY JAYNE ELAINE SARAH , that was a pretty solid answer by that person.

    I would and have gone to places in geography, in the air (my chopper), and in my heart that I never thought possible for friends. Not always fun, sometimes painful.

    I guess my final answer is I would go as far as necessary as long I NEVER had to compromise my honesty. The one rule I still


    Great question, and great timing for it.


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    I try to be their "hands and feet" when they need help. Last week I cooked and froze 20 meals for a friend who has a long-term illness. It was the hardest, longest day I've had in a long time, but it was so worth it!

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    i would go as far as to hide a body for my friends, friends are everything, but it works both ways, if your friend puts limitations on what they would do for you then you need to find new friends, but keep in mind these type of friends are hard to find, and when you do find them you should make every attemp to remain friends with them, it will make for a life long happiness you can find nowhere else.

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    i am there when they need me as too them me

    we laugh

    we cry

    we get drunk on wine

    and dance to abba!!!!!!!!! (once in a while)

    we move on in life

    and grow old together

    we support eachother

    and confide

    we give our views whether we want to here it or not

    we TRUST one another

    and never doubt

    i would never be without my friends all 5 of them

    these ARE my BEST friends

    and always will be


    long time knowing long time too know

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    I have what I call the "core" friends. These are individuals who I have had since I was a young lad. I would do for them, what they would do for me, Anything.

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    Anything they asked. For my friends at church, I have gotten them gifts, done them favors, show my love towards them. I try to selfless meaning I try to put them first before myself at all times.

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    Talk with them, listen to them, be there when they need someone to talk to or just to listen - offer to do whatever I could to help them feel better and feel good/comfort them.

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    i would basically do anything for my friends.. Besides help them kill people that is when the frienship will stop. Besides that almost anything

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