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Should I tell employeer I'm pregnant when looking for a new job?

I'm 19 weeks pregnant - and showing a lot. Although I don't HAVE to look for a new job, I am. The flexability of my job is great with the dr.s appointments and being able to stay home if I don't feel well, but I hate my job. And my boss. I'm always on the look out for better opportunities. I'm unsure if I should tell them I'm pregnant before going on the interview, if so, how? Or if I should just wait until the interview. Do you think most employeers will turn me away because they figure I'm going to be out of work for a short period of time to have the baby? I don't plan on being out long, I'm single and I HAVE to work.

Any advice will help. Thanks :)


My Current employeer knows I'm prego - the whole office does. But I'm an independent contractor here - and I've been here for a year with out a raise or benifits.I have my own medical insurance so a place with or w/out benifits isn't an issue. Not to mention I drive 100 miles each day round trip. I'm looking for a new job for more money and/or closer to home. Just wondering if I do happen to see a good job I can't pass up - if I should tell them before the interview that I'm prego - or wait until after the interview and/or hire. I'm sure they will be able to tell when I walk in the door.

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    I'm 19 weeks as well and just got hired for a new job. I never mentioned anything in the interview but I do plan on telling them once I start in a couple weeks. I do know that most employers will turn down a pregnant woman that is far along in the pregnancy b/c training materials and what not cost money and some employers don't want to spend that kind of money on someone who is going to have to take maternity leave. Alot of jobs turned me down when I told them in the interview I was pregnant, so I stopped telling them. I hope things work out for you :-) good luck!

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    I think it would be considered discrimination if they wouldn't hire you due to pregnancy. I have been @ my job for 11 months when I have my baby and sense it won't be a full year (1 month short) I won't be able to qualify for maternity leave. So I will have to take an unpaid leave of absence following my delivery date, which will leave me about 8-12 weeks with no paycheck from work. So I am going to sign up for my state's disability during that time so I won't be without income. (Heck, I paid into it - might as well use it when I need it)

    So that might be an option for you when you talk to your future employer. I would be straightforward about it when they accept you for a position. They should be able to accomidate your time off, but just remember that you might not be eligible for maternity leave if you fall under the same conditions that I do.

    Good luck to ya and congrats :)

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    wow, this is like my story, i am the same way, i had a great paying job, everyone knew i was expecting but i hated my boss and the long azz drive (an hour to and from work) so i quit (which was dumb bc i didnt have a job) so i stayed home for 2 months losing money and finally decided to get another job at 22 weeks, I am a small girl but i was def showing so i kinda sucked in at my interview for the job i have now..haha but back to you...i wouldnt say nothing bc even tho they arent supposed to discriminate they do, just wear a big blouse/shirt and dont make it obvious, its not like ur lying, besides its against the law to ask u if ur pregnant at an interview, and after u get the job then who cares who knows, its not like they can terminate you. But i was kinda honest with my boss now, i told him i only wanted to work temporary until sept, (im due in oct) and he was cool with it, he knows now and doesnt mind because im a good employee. Good luck.

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  • Honestly, even though employers are not supposed to, I think they would possibly not hire you due to being pregnant. Think about it- why would you invest in training someone that in about 4 months is going to take at least a month off of work...and then have a newborn that could possibly get sick and you would not be able to come in...?? I'd say if you could manage- stick it out with your current employer and use your maternity leave as time to search for a better job..

    Good luck to you

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    It is illegal not to hire you or to fire you because you are pregnant but it happens every day!

    LOOKing for a job, and TAKING a new job are totally different. Stay where you are until after the baby is born.

    If you tell them, they HAVE to interview you anyway, because you could sue them for discrimination, but they probably won't hire you. Save all of you time and energy, and don't bother.

    You hated your job and boss before you started to show, but didn't get upset enough to leave.

    Hang in there.

    BTW? Who is paying for your baby to be born? Health insurance? It won't start at the new job until after 90 days (in most cases.)

    You looking for ways to better yourself? Giving your baby up for adoption, huh? Turning to your baby-daddy to get child support? Being careful in the future? Getting an education?

    Who is going to baby-sit? Who is going to pay for everything?

    Just things to think about.

    Source(s): been in your shoes. Never leave a job until you have another one. Hate it? Get an education.
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    they say honesty is the best policy, but in this case, i would have to say NO, they are not suppose to discriminate but they do, you can't prove it but i have been in management before and it is really somthing they look at and talk about when hiring someone. Just surprise them with it after you are already hired.... believe me that is the best way. Good luck with your new baby and your hopefully new job!!

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    Not likely to get you as many job prospects...just a fact.

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    yes u should tell um after they hire u

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    Honesty is the best policy. Please let them know, if only in case you have a medical emergency.

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