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Is anyone a Truex Jr Fan? I have not seen his name in here. :(?

My first race watching NASCAR was last years Daytona 500. My boyfriend (husband now) told me to pick a driver & I picked the guy who drives for bass pro. Good choice I think! If you are not a fan, then who is your favorite driver?

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    He is my favorite driver for sure. I did like Rusty Wallace til he retired and was kinda on the fence last year about who I was going to follow. Then at the Brickyard last year I got to ride around the track with one of the Chevy drivers and it happened to be Martin Truex Jr. We were going about 130 around the turns and I was in the passenger seat of a Chevy Impala SS. I saw him a couple days later in the garages and he actually remembered me..something about a lady in the car before he took us almost making a bowel movement in the car going around the turn. Nice dude and a heck of a driver...we were going around the track and he had one hand on the wheel..amazing

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    Truex hasn't yet begun to shine real well in the cup series yet. Once Dale Earnhardt Inc gets things ironed out in the shop and office I think you'll find that Truex will be more popular of a driver. If you notice he has spent most of his time in the cup series steady improving. His team is still learning.

    As far as a choice in drivers I think in the near future you'll find that they will progress just fine. There is no friction between the Truex and his teem. They have been working together and communicating. Keep in mind that out of the Hendrick organization's domination the DEI is one of the few teams that has started to compete with Hendrick's teams. That alone is something to be excited about and DEI doesn't even have a 7 post shaker yet.

    Truex will continue to grow and in the future and you'll be bragging on him. You boyfriend has something to worry about.

    As for having different drivers that is what makes Nascar exciting. Being able to disagree and still get along. People do tend to have a side that lkes to argue a bit. Some people let it go too far and get up under their skin.

    My x girlfriend got me started and I've been hooked ever since.

    I'm a Jr fan.

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    Im a Truex jr fan, but he is currently in Dale Jr's shadow. The 3 races prior to this weekends race at Cali. he finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! He is an up and coming talent, but wont get fully recognized until Dale Jr. is with Hendrix Motorsports next season, then Truex will be the Senior driver with DEI!

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    HELL yes he's a good up and coming champ in a few yrs but might have a better chance now that JR is leaven DEI, we're sad but what the hay a new start and new team, but will always be a DEI fan and a Dale Earnhardt Sr. & Jr loyal and true fan for the rest of my life and all my kids feel the same way after they got to meet them both with me a few yrs ago in Reno,Nv. at Hot Augest nites car show and cruz, WOW that was great and we will never forget that day or what we felt after we meet them !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO DEI DRIVERS all of you ! ! ! GO Truex Jr. # 1

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    I'm a fan of both Jr's (Dale and Martin). It's kinda hard going against someone who went to the same high school,and grew up 15-20mins from me. Been following him since he was running in the Busch North series years ago. I think we're now seeing what Dale Jr. saw in him a few years back when he signed him to Chance 2. BTW wait a few years, Martin's cousin Curtis drives for JR Motorsports and you'll probably see him in a few years too. BTW to the post, that said DEI didn't have a 7-post shaker. That's right they don't they've been using the one at JR Motorsports.

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    Martin Truex Jr is a really great driver and a cool guy!!!! But Carl Edwards is my favorite driver.

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    Hes a good driver...obviously because he can get up to the front of the pack and stay there. Oh and he also won a race (that always helps), who knows he may even win a championship before his career is up.

    Personally I do not have an absolute favorite driver, the one that I do follow is Dale Earnhardt Jr. among others.

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    Yup... I'm a Truex Jr fan. He's not my favorite driver, but I like him and he's got a bright future. I'm just hoping he'll move to a better team.

  • Well I am a Diehard Jeff Gordon Fan but I like Truex and think he is a great driver !

    Source(s): Jeff Gordon Rules !!!!!!!
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    Truex lives in the shadow of Lil E.But now that Dale is leaving and Martin has won a race look for big things for your guy.He does have talent,look what he did in the busch series.Hes ready to break -out then you'll see people talking about him.

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