am i too emotional or am i just crazy?

i keep thinking my husbnd is cheating on me. or that he is lying to me. my best friend use to think the same when she ws pregnant and i would tell her that she was crazy. i mean i get so jealous when the women he works with talk to him and i start to accuse him of things. i get angry at him and threaten to leave with our daughter and tell him that as long as he is having relationships, even friendly ones, with the girls at work i dont want to be with him. i use to never act like this. HELP! Im driving my husband away and i dont know how to stop thinking these thoughts.

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    I disagree that it is okay to think these things as long as you don't act on them. Thinking about it doesn't help and it is only going to drive you nuts and you really don't need that right now. I agree with going to counseling, but you should start by talking to your husband and asking him to help you with your problem. If you take the "blame" off of him, he will be more likely to respond in a positive way rather than defensively.

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    You need to see someone to disguss the problems ASAP before you lose your husband or your own mind. It sounds like it's a little more serious than a little jealousy. You can't take meds right now - but you can get some help emotionally. Your horomones are crazy and if you cant keep them in check you need to talk to someone who can help you do so. I am so sorry you are going through this, but no man, no matter how wonderful he is, would be able to put up with craziness for too long. GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS ON THE PREGNANCY! Just try to think positively in the mean time

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    It's normal... Sometimes i think the same thing but my husband is in the navy and gone all the time.. But i just remember that he loves me and our soon to be daughter and wouldn't risk ne thing of losing either of us. He'll send me little text messages throughout the day to just remind me that he loves me. It really helps when he does that. Just try to ignore those thoughts. Talk to you hubby in a calm manner and discuss with him that your hormones are driving you nuts and try to just do something every now and then to remind you that he's there for you ONLY... Thats what i did and it works :) im 31 1/2 weeks and couldn't be happier.

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    It's okay to think these thoughts I too am also pregnant and lately i've been worried about my husband cheating on me. It's just wheather or not you choose to act out on these thoughts I wouldn't worry to much about it and just put alittle more faith in him. and if you end up seeing him holding hands or kissing ect. ect. another women then yeah get pissed off and leave the son of a b**ch. but If you feel like it's just or hormones then really try to hold back on accusing him of these acts. Hope things get better for you.

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    This is normal for you to feel like this when you are pregnant. Your hormones are going crazy right now. I felt like this when I was pregnant and it was because I was pregnant and I thought that I was fat and my husband was not attracted to me anymore because of that. Your husband loves you and still thinks of you just like he did when you were not pregnant. Good Luck with your pregnancy. You will be back to normal soon.

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    I think that you may just be afraid of losing him right now. It may also just be your hormones and if so than this feeling of infidelity will pass. But you should still talk to your husband so that he will know and not just leave because he thinks you don't trust him.

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