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Has anyone been very emotional during pregnancy?

I am 19 weeks pregnant and sometimes I get frustrated with my fiance and we start arguing. I know it's probably my hormones playing with me, but after we get into a huge argument, I cry and cry and cry. I know I shouldn't because it's bad for my baby, but I can't control it! I am scared that this will "traumatize" my baby and he/she will be under distress. What can I do? Who has gone through this and your baby came out just fine??

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    You're emotional state wont affect your baby. The stress on your body might but you're kid wont come out messed up. I think my daughters father and i fought every day I was pregnant and she turned out to be the happiest child I have ever seen....

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    I was just like this when I was pregnant. You are not going to traumatize the baby. I was so depressed when I was pregnant and I cried alot and my son is fine. No health problems at all. This is completely normal. It is just your hormones. Good luck with the new little one. Everything will be fine.

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    I think a better question would be does anyone NOT get emotional during pregnancy ;-)

    You are definately not alone. I'm so blessed with a husband equipped to handle my every mood ~ and there's a lot of them!

    I had a lot of stress with the 1st pregnancy and rode the emotional roller coaster that many do. My son came out just fine and I think he's even inherited my hubby's laid back attitude!

    Hang in there!!

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    I am actually going through that right now. I know what youare talking about and i'm scared my baby is going to be in distress. I really don't know what to say besides try to keep it together and tell you husband that things need to go smoothly and he needs to understand that you are emotional and full of hormones. Good Luck hun!!

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    I know what you are feeling, and I think it's safe to say that it's just our hormones out of whack. And we need to learn to control them. My husband just went on a week long business training. We trust each other to the fullest, have never given each other any reason to doubt that. But all of the sudden these things go through my head, like where is he, who is he with, why didn't he answer my call, all these stupid things. I am so mad at myself for this, i have never been like this and i don't want to push him away!

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    its hormones are constantly changing.

    i recomend baby yoga or something or do something calming with your fiance when you feel as though you could cry or become frustrated

    it is normal though i promise

    i knew a women who cried all the time and would throw things at her husband but their baby boy is adorable and perfect

    your fine!

    you will get through!

    good luck

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    being emotional is very normal when you are preg, make sure you talk to your fiance and explain to him how you feel, and that you know you are hard to live with right now, but that you need his help, to get over this.

    your baby will be ok, is all part of being preg, but your baby can tell when you are stressed out. i don't remember how exactly it was explained, but the book what to expect while expecting, helps ya out with all these kinds of questions. i have a healthy 3 year old, and i had my fare share of crying fits when i was preg, don't worry relax and enjoy your preg.

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    I've found myself wanting to cry and to snap at my husband all the time. I know it's the hormonal imbalance becuase i'm 9 weeks pregnant. I've heard it settles down after the first trimester.

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    Oh yes I am now and I was with my last pregnancy. I am currently 19 weeks also and my son is 6 months old. so none the less it is hard. But you will get through it.

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    My husband told me that for the next kid he was gonna get me pregnant then go live with his mother till I go into labor!! I really feel bad for the guy he is always walking on pins and needles. I talked to my Dr and he said to just try to keep yourself calm. I know it is is easier said than done. Just remember guys and girls think and hear things differently so just try to take 10 deep breaths before you "freak out"

    Good luck!!!

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