What club song has the following lyrics?

"we can provdie you, with enough work to feed the whole town"........it's like a techno song so I'm sure it's by a dj, but who?

And where can I download it?

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    Song: We Takin' Over

    Artist: DJ Khaled feat. T.I., Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, Akon, & Birdman

    Album: We The Best




    DJ Khaled

    Konvict Music

    We The Best

    We Takin Over



    Start in a "lina" and spread out with it

    South Carolina Alabama Mississippi

    Or in North Carolina Phildelphia and Virginia

    From down in Miami where it warm in the winter

    Or up to Minnesota where it storm in the winter

    Talahasse if you ? holla at me

    Been H-town south side ? daddy

    I'm the man out in Dallas, better ask Khaled

    Cat man Khaled with my eyes open ?

    Blowin that - spend it, goin down - ? it

    Drop six four three ? then switch it

    Red light stop make it drop for the bitches

    Got a glock four fifth will blow your head out with it

    Anything hit it I said I'm with it

    King got the crown and spit it out with it

    Send me bricks I said I did it


    If you want to, we can supply you

    Got enough work to feed the whole town

    They won't shoot you, unless you try to

    Come around and try to stomp on our ground

    Said we takin over

    One city at a time [x4]

    [Rick Ross]

    Tripple C

    Black Flag

    Big Rick


    Bounce, is what I does

    I get money everday, everyday I does

    That, benz, is how I ride

    Black flag on the left two hoes I ride

    You better, move, AK I'm dead

    Get shot em like shine that's on my neck

    I'm big like Diddy, dammit I'm with it

    Khaled we did it, Biggy in my city

    Please no fitted, fuckit I'm too pretty

    I'd rather get brain, stupid I'm silly

    Money like ?, run it like water

    Mama so hot, dammit she gorgeous

    When we on fire, you better be cautious

    Might get shot on the porch of your fortress

    (What?) That they see it but no one reports it

    Around here Rick Ross the boss, ****

    [Fat Joe]


    BX TS ******

    Blatt when you see crack

    Better duck like the mac gotta ease past

    ***** what, **** I don't give a **** I run these streets

    Yall took that ****, I want that beef

    I'ma tell you like a G told me

    They'll come back quick if a ***** OD

    Cash rules everything around me

    I'm fly as hell, versace

    You can see me in a porsche gt

    Comin down sunset, sittin on D's

    Feelin like pac all eyes on me

    Fresh bandana and I'm blowin mad trees

    ***** please, I spit crack every verse a key

    Some say Khaled some say Khaleed

    Twelve years down and I'm finally free




    Birdman daddy I'm number one

    ***** came in my room so we got em done

    ****** with the family I'ma give them some

    Spent that ? he didn't run

    Son had the whole church singin a song

    Why they hadda send my baby home?

    ****** with some ****** that paper long

    Been a G in the game

    Now my son on the throne

    [Lil Wayne]

    I am the beast.

    Feed me rappers or feed me beats

    I’m untamed, I need a leash

    I’m insane, I need a shrink

    I love brain, I need a leech

    Why complain on easy streets?

    I don’t even talk, I let the visa speak

    And I like, my sprite, easter pink

    And my wrist special ?, but the ? cooler

    I have more jewels than your jeweler

    Touch, and I will bust, your medulla

    That’s a bullet hole, it is not a tumor

    Red light, red light, stop your rumors

    I stay on track like a box of pumas

    Now just rock rock rock with junior

    I am the little big kahuna, ya dig?

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    DJ Khaled - "We Taking Over"

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    its not a club song...its dj khaled ft..akon,ti,rick ross,fatjoe,baby, and lil wayne

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