do you really need an acting agent?

and what exactly do they do?

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    They book you for auditions. Without one you're not going to get any work.

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    No. You need to find the sources for announcements, which depends on which city you live in, and go to auditions. When you have enough credits and start earning some Equity points, then you can start asking fellow actors for references of a good agent.

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    Talent agents, submit actors to Casting Directors, to audition for roles.

    They hope their client will book the job.

    You need a Talent Agent if you want to be a working actor.

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    Yes, if you plan to go far, and get the big and better roles, you will most definitely need an agent.

    An agent is responsible for finding you auditions, submitting you for auditions, helping you further your career, etc.

    To find a list of SAG agencies (the best and most reliable) in your area, look here:

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  • That's a very simple question that should have a simple answer. But it tells a lot about you, so I'm going to answer it in a different way.


    they are SUPPOSED to get auditions for you and negotiate on your behalf. Simply, they should know where the work is for you. They should be looking for work for you, and when they find a possibility, they should be getting in contact with the employer and promoting the heck out of you so that you can get an audition and interview with the casting people to see if you are right for the part. If you get called back, the agent should be the first to know and should fill you in on what's needed on your part. They should follow-up and promote you some more. Then, if you get the part, they should negotiate the best possible deal for you. Then, they take an average of 15% from your check.

    You need an agent to send people to, even if you are doing all the work.

    But, if you are new to the game, here's some important hints for survival;

    a. agents are people with their own problems- just like any other salesperson they're going to concentrate on what's making them bucks. If you don't get your first few auditions, you will start to move to the back of the agents' pile as they will be less motivated to work for you.

    b. Your career is always, at all times, in YOUR hands- so unless you have some great karma being enacted by the hand of God setting up all the events to magically get you into a specific role, then you better be prepared to get busy finding auditions for yourself.

    IF you can find an audition, you can tell them the name of your agent IF you are lucky enough to have one that will accept calls and contracts on behalf of you, the unknown.

    This means; finding the casting call magazines that give the name of all the upcoming auditions, contacting them, sending photos and resumes on your own (with your agents info attached), networking like crazy with other actors and field related people who can get you to parties where you can meet others involved in the game and find out about more opportunities to send your res and headshots to for auditions.

    Who you know and exposure is the name of the game.

    Establish a base of successes and the agent will start working for you because you have made a believer out of them.

    DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP OF THE SCAMS THAT OFFER TO REP YOU (for a fee), or only IF you get new headshots from their recommended photographer, or only IF you take classes from their recommended coach.

    If you are lucky enough to get an agent, set up a regular weekly phone call to go over what they had done for you in the previous week, what the plan is for the coming week.Insist on at least two auditions per week.

    You didn't say what field you are in. There are different agents for each area; stage, screen acting(sag), commercials.

    The easiest to get in is commercials-in the States we have centers in NY, L.A.(actually Burbank) there are several Casting Call agencies that do many large cattle calls every week. In AU I believe the center of activity is in Sydney. Just check "casting" on the net for your area.

    They are busy as hell, but will gladly respond to a inquiry phone call and will keep your picture on file if you call them every week or two. Sooner or later you will fill the bill for a talky or background face they want.

    Pick up The Hollywood Reporter, Casting Call Magazine, for companies that make a biz out of training you in the basics for auditions, or do a search for books that give you the step by step to break into the biz. The hints they give are worth every cent of the cost of the book- just don't go in blind, dumb, trusting or unprepared or you'll find yourself beggin' for change (or worse) on Hollywood Blvd.

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    yes, it is a good idea to have an agent, esp. if you live in NYC or LA.

    They help you find acting jobs. They should take care of the business end of things for you. And help you find auditions

    Good luck.

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