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what are some NONFATAL smoking problems?

what are some nonfatal smoking problems?

examples : yellow teeth and cost.

list as many as you can think of, nothing stupid please

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    having to watch those obnoxious "truth" commercials; loss of owners discretion in private businesses;discrimination against smokers; confiscatory tax rates

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    Poor immune system, chronic cough, cost, air pollution, fatigue, bad smell, decreased taste/smell ability, yellowing of teeth and skin, etc.

    There are tons of problems.

    Quit smoking 1 year ago and it was the best thing I've ever done. Smoking is 100% useless.

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    I quit smoking 4 months ago and with quitting I got my taste buds back (dramatic cut down on sugar and salt) and my sense of smell became better/stronger.

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    You will Stink!

    your house will stink.

    your car will stink.

    you clothes will stink.

    your hair will stink

    and your fingernail and teeth will turn yellow.

    Plus smoking looks tacky.

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    smelling bad, pre-mature wrinkling, bad breath, tar stained fingers, tire easily, poor circulation...

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