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How do you tell if someone is invisible in YIM?

Yeah.. just wondering if you could tell if people are invisible or if they signed out. My friend said that the person's picture gives it away apparently.. so yeah, just wondering.

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    You dont, that is why the invisible feature was created.

    Send them an IM

    If they reply, then i guess they are there

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    if you are invisible, your display picture won't show up to someone unless you have messaged them. if they kept the window open when you messaged them and signed out, the picture will still remain until they have closed the window. it doesn't pop up and dissapear as you go on and off line. anyway, there are ways to find out of your friends are on line as invisible. there is a program out there that shows you. i don't know where to find it, but i'm sure you can google it, just be careful for ad aware and spyware and stuff. another simpler way, is if you are suspicious of someone being on, go to imvironments and choose the doodle pad. if it loads up, they are on line. another way is to take a look at their profile, and see if the smilee face on it is yellow. it indicates the person is on line.. however this can be disabled in preferences, but i think a lot of people aren't even aware of this. you could just simply message them. if they don't answer, there's probably some reason why. good luck!

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    Go to ur MAIL and find the "show the contacts" then double click on their ids.. smileys are lighted if they are hiding from u but shown offline on ur messenger ..or view their profile right on their IDs on ur messenger if the smileys are lighted they are online but shown offline to u.. ( the other said it there that it can be disable on other settings but not too many people knows about that right now , i guess)

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    Type this into your address bar, replacing 'username' with your friends yahoo ID and hit Enter:

    (yahoo is blocking the full complete line)

    Add all the two lines below together to get the full address line:


    If they are offline it'll say they are offline, vice versa.

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    I dont kno lol I go invisible all the time and none of my friends know. When you figure it out, can you please tell me? thanks

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    there face is grey

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